Wednesday, June 27, 2018

006. Power, pain and the San Francisco Bay (Secret Society of Super-Villains 4)

The future Ernie Chan pulled no punches with his cover!
We're back as we continue the saga of the first super-villain team in their own comic. The team of Kraft, Marcos and Colletta are back, but Ernie Chua is also here to draw one heck of a throwdown!

Secret Society of Super-Villains 6 starts out with the aftermath fo the villain fight, where the rest of the team ends up in a battle with Sinestro and Wizard, who have no interest in helping the team against Darkseid. This isn't their world, so why save it?

Star Sapphire lures her new recruit Green Lantern back to Mantis' base. Mantis attacks Hal from behind. He makes his intentions very clear, yelling "I am Mantis, Earthman - the Power Parasite - and the Agent of Your Destruction!"

Green Lantern unleashes his power against Mantis, but the villain just draws the power into himself. As GL weakens, Mantis declares "Never have I felt so might! I am bursting with power enough to rival great Darkseid himself! And soon I shall surpass even him!" He takes the wrong moment to deliver that line though. Just as he does Darkseid arrives on Earth!

Sinestro and The Wizard rush off to declare their aid Darkseid. They have no problem with his conquest of this Earth, and just want the power aiding him would bring. But in the lair they instead encounter Funky Flashman. The old Mister Miracle foil sounds even more like a certain Excelsior yelling writer for a rival publisher than ever before at the pen of David Anthony Kraft. He pitches them a position as a PR man for the villains...

Star Sapphire arrives to greet the other villains and is ready to introduce Green Lantern to the bunch. But the man that follows her down the stairs is Kalibak the Cruel! He quickly takes out Sapphire and Captain Cold. But Gorilla Grodd, an ape of similar size and build to the son of Darkseid! The two brawl and smash their way outside and into the San Francisco Bay!

Mantis turns all his new power against Darkseid, but to no avail. The ruler of Apokolips only stands there and absorbs the attack without even a sign of injury.

Barbarians or super-villains, Ernie Chua knew how to draw a throwdown like no other.
Grodd and Kalibak continue to fight their way out of the bay. Kalibak is amazed at Grodd's ability to dodge his attacks, unaware that Grodd reads his very mind. Their fight takes them into the path of a street car. Winded and injured they continue to struggle until Grodd declars that he yields. But he waits only for Kalibak to turn his back before he smashes a large piece of concrete over the Apokoliptan's head. He declares "Gorilla Grodd always wins his wagers, even if he has to cheat! After all, I am a super villain."

Mantis bows to Darkseid and declares his loyalty, but he does so at an equally inopportune time... as the Black Racer hurls towards them!

Next time out, the War for Earth-Death comes to an end, and with it, the chronicling of the early days of the Secret Society of Super-Villains!

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