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025. The end of a messiah complex! (Mister Miracle 25)

It's been far too long since the last true update to this blog and for that I owe apologies before we get started. NaNoWriMo and a few personal issues in its aftermath derailed much, but we are hopefully now back on track for several weeks (and hopefully months) to come! So without any more ado, let's get to the final ongoing issue of the second wave of the Fourth World as Steve Gerber, Mike Golden and Russ Heath give us the final issue of Mister Miracle.

Russ Heath's inks can't quite save the world from this Al Milgrom to
a Michael Golden comic. And people wonder why DC imploded?
The story opens with Scott hovering before the people in the aftermath of his death defying escape at the end of last issue. He declares that just as he escaped the deathtrap, they can escape the forces which seek to suffocate their lives.

As he shows off, Barda questions if he's ill-suited for a messiah role (the answer is clearly yes) and Darkseid orders Granny Goodness to finish him off once and for all.

The Apokoliptan Photon Patrol attacks Mister Miracle while he's still showing off to the crowd. His hover discs help him dodge their blasts. The Photon Patrol don't have the same maneuverability as Scott and he leads them to their destruction in a group of power cables.

Darkseid tells Granny they will change their tactics by using the humans against Mister Miracle.

Back in Vegas, Scott's made it big, on the front of newspapers around the world. Scott breaks down the means of his escape even as we return to the lives of Rex, Ida and Alianna Hubbard. We finally learn Alianna's back-story. Hurt horribly in an accident as a child, she was trapped in a life of constant pain, likely to never move again. Yet she got up and started to move just as a normal child, and eventually, better than one. As she grew she had abilities far beyond any mortal, all because she still felt the pain at every moment. With her ability over pain she could do things no one else could. Ida imagines her as a hero, while Rex seeks her as a freak unable to live a normal life. Their argument is interrupted though... by the arrival of Granny Goodness!

Gerber and Golden spent three pages to introduce Scott, Barda, Oberon and Ted's new digs (and for Scott to conveniently recap his mission to Ted.) But as they talk, the back window is destroyed. Barda and Oberon are gassed into unconsciousness as Scott pulls on his mask to filter the fumes.

I feel the world lost a great series featuring Mister Miracle as
Steve Austin with a mask after seeing this Golden image. 
Alianna strikes quickly and uses her abilities to almost subdue Scott immediately. He realizes she's essentially a living trap however and uses his own tactics to escape her. He gets the upper hand but only for a moment. A few quick blows stuns him.

Granny appears and orders Ali to finish him. The girl refuses, instead declaring she wished to test her abilities and found she disliked combat. Granny moves to choke the life from her, though she shows no sign of the pain. Mister Miracle moves in to strike Granny away.

Ali is way too bad ass to have never appeared again. Of course, swap a few colors and you might see a resemblance
to the Micronaut's Marionette, who would first appear just three or four months after this, also designed by Golden.
Granny swears he has now doomed the lives of Rex and Ida Hubbard. But she also gives him another warning. "The Christian God has His Lucifer. New Genesis, it's Apokolips. And somewhere, Scott dear, you have your Anti-Christ. I pity you when we find him for he's the trap you cannot escape. The balance factor your own actions created!"

And thus the issue ends with promises of "Freedom is a four letter word!" in a next issue. Alas, it is a next issue to never appear. Mister Miracle was one of two dozen series canceled in 1978. Both Gerber and Golden would be gone from DC just as fast, neither returning for half a decade after.

These plotlines would never see a return that I know of at this time. Ted Brown wouldn't be seen for over a decade and believe this is Ali and her family's final appearance. Whoever or whatever the Anti-Christ to Mister Miracle's messiah image existed only in the mind of Gerber, if he actually had anything plotted ahead on this book.

Thus we end on a great open plot hook, one that will likely never see a finish.

In our next installment, we head into the next era of the New Gods, one filled with back up stories and guest appearances! See you then!

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  1. I've only experienced this book through your synopsis and that alone is enough to make me mourn that these threads were never tied up.