Wednesday, November 14, 2018

024. All hope lost! (Return of the New Gods 19)

Behind a Joe Staton and Bob Layton cover, Gerry Conway, Don Newton and Dan Adkins re-unite for the final issue of the original series for these characters. They're not quite finished with them here yet, but more on that in future installments...

Our story opens with Darkseid and Desaad, the latter looking particular witch-like this time around. Darkseid asks a simple question, "Are the humans prepared, Desaad?" His lieutenant informs him that the cosmic computer is ready to solve the Anti-Life Equation once and for all. Darkseid broods on his success, even acknowledging he doesn't know the true result of the Anti-Life Equation being raised to fruition.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Dreaded Deadline Doom 2. Big Barda vs. the Female Furies by Tom Scioli

Every now and then I'm going to fall behind on this column, especially as other projects (read: the kind that pay money) take over my time. Because of this, you will sometimes see the Dreaded Deadline Doom appear, where I feature a piece of New Gods related fan art on the page. This time around I take a look at an arguable heir apparent to Kirby's high energy style in Tom Scioli (Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe, Godland.) His rendition of Big Barda in battle with her former teammates  Lashina, Stompa, Mad Harriet and Bernadeth is just all kinds of awesome!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

023. Life and Anti-Life, a tale of two equations (Return of the New Gods 18)

Al Milgrom is back yet again for this issue, but even more impressive is it has the full creative team that almost feels like the regular team by now: Gerry Conway, Don Newton and Dan Adkins. Of course, this is the penultimate issue...

The book opens with Jezebelle, Orion and Forager as they run away from the exploding Happy Land.

Once they've reached a safe distance, they hold together their Mother Boxes and reach out to see the distress on New Genesis. The ranting Highfather comes into view, and the three young gods know the future of their people is in grave danger. As Orion puts it, "This is not mere catastrophe. It is disaster unparalleled!"

Yet the heroes know they can do nothing by rushing off to their planet. Darkseid has cut the Source off from New Genesis with but a sixth of the Anti-Life Equation. They must protect their charges before he gets more. (Apparently, Orion has already forgotten they have General Torch.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

022. Not your grandma's messiah! (Mister Miracle 24)

While his interior work is still only on Detective Comics at this point in his career, Marshall Rogers delivers one of his best pieces of art for the cover of this issue, complete with the title: "Double-Bind!" Seriously, click on the picture above and bask in its glory.

The interiors of this issue are once again by writer Steve Gerber and penciler Michael Golden, joined this time around by the legendary Russ Heath on inks. A cosmic setting seems a weird choice for Heath, a man known best for his work on westerns and war comics, but his inks only seem to strengthen the young Golden's art.

The book opens with Oberon screaming bloody murder as he's in the hands of two Apokoliptan soldiers, dressed in the kind of crazy armor Golden would make a staple of Micronauts. Yet in a flash of lightning behind them all, Mister Miracle has returned to reality from his detour on (with?) Ethos.

He makes short work of Oberon's captors, but "Darkseid's Photon Patrol" shows up and starts blasting at the heroes with lasers. Instead of leaping into action, Scott Free bends down and examines the ants native to the land. He can hear their screeches of outrage, especially when he amplifies them to the point the sounds turns agonizing to the Photon Patrol. Oberon inquires how Scott was able to commit such a feat. Mister Miracle explains that he now possesses the abilities of Mother Box, after joining with her several issues back. This honestly is a godsend to any fan trying to figure out Scott's powers since he first gained them as this is the first time anyone tried to explain exactly what they are.